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What We Play – Fellswater plays a wide range of Celtic music: Traditional (Gravel Walk) to contemporary (The High Drive), and tunes and songs from all the great Celtic nations and beyond: Scotland, Ireland, Northumbria, Brittany, Galicia and Canada. Buy our latest album Skipping Stones to get a real idea of our sound!

  • Aires de Pontevedra, Muineira de Casu (Galician dance, Asturian jig).
  • are you sleeping, maggie? WATCH VIDEO FROM AMAZING THINGS (MARCH 2017) (song)
  • because he was a bonny lad, go to berwick, johnny, keelman over the land (tunes from northumbria)
  • The blacksmith/ Kid on the mountain/the four courts (Song, slip jig, reel)
  • Boink!, mouse in the kitchen, homMage a edmond parizeau (jig, jig, reel)
  • boots of spanish leather. watch video from amazing things concert (song)
  • cAstlerock road/ la grand’cote/ les pieds joyeux (reel, quebecois dance, reel)
  • dimming of the day WATCH VIDEO FROM 2016 AMAZING THINGS CONCERT. (song)
  • evit gabriel, the punters’ graveyard, reel des eboulements (3 reels)
  • the famous baravan, zeeto the bubbleman, mel jameson’s reel (jig, hornpipe, reel)
  • The High Drive Watch video from 2015 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo
  • leaving friday harbour, the grey buck, moving cloud (waltz, jig,hornpipe). WATCH VIDEO FROM 2017 AMAZING THINGS CONCERT.
  • Lorient Mornings, grand nuit in port du peche, chris grace’s joy, gravel walk (slow air, breton dance, strathspey, reel)
  • Ronde de Loudeac, Christmas Day Ida Moarnin’, Maggie’s Pancakes (slow reel, shetland jig, reel).
  •  shores of caledonia (song)
  • Star o’ the bar   watch video from 2017 amazing things concert. (song)
  • strichen gala, road to aikey brae, jig ahoy (3 jigs)
  • two-fifty to vigo, trip to pakistan, trip to the market, the fourth floor (slow reel, 3 reels)
  • willafjord/ frank’s reel/ luke skywalker walks on sunshine (Reel, Reel, dance in 7/8)
  • Trio (flute/violin/guitar): Si Bheag, Si Mhor (slow air)

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