RELEASED: January 13, 2018
ARTIST: Fellswater
LABEL: Fellswater
PRODUCER: Sarah MacConduibh & George March
Skipping Stones
1. Skipping Stones - 01 - Strichen Gala / Road to Aikey Brae /Jig Ahoy
2. Skipping Stones - 02 - Are You Sleeping, Maggie
3. Skipping Stones-03- Two-Fifty to Vigo /Trip to Pakistan / Trip to the Market /The Fourth Floor
4. Skipping Stones - 04 - Leaving Friday Harbour/ Grey Buck/ Moving Cloud
6. Skipping Stones - 06 - The Famous Baravan/ Zeeto the Bubbleman/Jameson's Reel
7. Skipping Stones - 07 - Farsund/ Lo delo delo/ Julliard's Jig
8. Skipping Stones - 08 - Boots of Spanish Leather
9. Skipping Stones - 09 - Lorient Mornings / Grand Nuit de Port du Peche/ Chris Grace's Joy/ The Gravel Walk
10. Skipping Stones - 10 - Because He Was a Bonny Lad/ Go to Berwick, Johnny/ Keelman o’er the Land
11. Skipping Stones - 11 - The Blacksmith/ Kid on the Mountain/ The Four Courts
12. Skipping Stones - 12 - Ronde de Loudeac/ Christmas Day in the Morning/ Maggie s Pancakes
14. Skipping Stones - 14 - Evit Gabriel/ Punters Graveyard/ Reel des Eboulements
16. Skipping Stones - 16 - Boink!/ Mouse in the Kitchen/ Hommage a Edmond Parizeau

Fellswater in instrumentals ranges wider than before while keeping their fundamental stye,and with a whole new world of vocals. Christopher Myers holds forth in the “Star Of The Bar.” and a fine singing it is. Diane Myers sings superbly including “Are You Sleeping,Maggie?”and “The Blacksmith,”but her poetry rises to heights in the truly wonderful “Shores of Caledonia.”
-Celtic Beat Magazine

Skipping Stones was released on January 13, 2018 at the Blackstone River Theatre in Cumberland, RI and is available for sale directly from the band at gigs or from our website.

This is our first album with our new line-up and includes 6 songs and 10 instrumental tracks.

Purchase your own copy today (available in CD or digital download format).


Fellswater is also wonderfully strong when they venture into Brittany both by poetic evocation and
by musical form. —The evocation of Brittany is accented with the powerful use of drums and
this tune combines wonderfully with others.
-Celtic Beat Magazine


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